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xx[VOTE/POLL] UGX Mods & ZomMods Mapping Contest 2015 Submissions!

November 22, 2015, 11:14:06 pm by treminaor
Views: 876 | Comments: 24

Welcome to the voting thread for the 2015 UGX Mods & ZomMods Mapping Contest! Please read the rules above the poll before voting!

The winners will be chosen in exactly two weeks.

Users with fewer than 20 posts will not be allowed to vote, in order to prevent fraudulent votes from people creating duplicate accounts.

xxNew Zero-Tolerance Policy for Harrasement

October 25, 2015, 02:42:50 pm by treminaor
Views: 1889 | Comments: 41

Hi everyone.

A while back, myself and the other site moderators tried to work out a way of resolving the drama that has been unfolding on the site by introducing a 3 strike system to control users who were abusing the community. If you broke a site rule you received one strike, and after three strikes were reached an appropriately timed temp or perma ban would be issued.

4. You will act like a mature adult, even if you aren't one.
Maturity is at the heart of a successful community. A small group of immature members and/or actions can bring down the quality of an entire community experience. Therefore we have decided to implement a three-strike system. If you are acting blatantly immaturely and it is causing any sort of problem in the community or the chat, you will be issued a warning to your account by a moderator. If you receive 3 warnings within a few months' time, you will be temporarily banned from the site to think about your attitude. Warnings are at the discretion of moderators, and your three warnings will be reviewed for legitimacy before you are temporarily banned. You will be notified each time you are warned, and a reason will be given for the warning - when possible, the incriminating post will be referenced.

Clearly this has not been working and we have seen that users are just using the strikes as opportunities to break rules without consequence.

Unfortunately this has led us to now introduce a completely non biased zero tolerance policy. This new non-biased policy will mean that no matter who you are, whether it's an elite group member, mapper with community status or being promoted or even a staff member, if you break any of the site rules you will be given one (and only one) verbal warning before being punished with a ban ranging from 1 week minimum to permanent. Any rules which are already stated as Click here to continue reading...

ugx_hand[Manager] UGX Requiem v1.1

October 15, 2015, 09:59:53 pm by treminaor
Views: 25132 | Comments: 301

UGX Requiem Official Release v1.1

This map can be downloaded from the UGX Map Manager.

UGX Mod Badge
This map features UGX Mod v1.1!

It's finally here! UGX Requiem is the latest map from the UGX-Mods team - featuring UGX Mod v1.1.

You must have an account to view the spoiler contents. Please log in or create an account.

! No longer available Small | Large

Requiem v1.1 to v1.2 Changelog:
Code: [Select]
- Added a UGX Mod setting to reduce or completely disable weapon bobbing.
- Fixed black texture on headless hazmat zombies caused in Requiem v1.1.
- Further reduced console spam for T4M users (however there's still viewmodel anim spam, not sure how to fix it)

Requiem v1.0 to v1.1 Changelog:
Code: [Select]
- COOP button is fixed for offline LAN users.
- Fixed the option to turn off Xbox Controller Support when you don't have a controller plugged in. Press ESC on the main menu of UGX Requiem to do this.
- Missing Hell's Retriever textures fixed.
- Reduced console spam for T4M users (however there's still viewmodel anim spam, not sure how to fix it)

Map Features:
  • Winnable Ending - You won't be buying your way out of this one! Fight your way to the finish to earn some awesome rewards and tools to lead into a high-round game or just a couple rounds of fun!
  • Buildables Table - Build the parts for the power switch and on
Click here to continue reading...

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