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xxUGX-Mods Official Discord live!

March 27, 2017, 06:30:09 am by Lukkie1998
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Hello guys,

Here is a new announcement from UGX-Mods!

What have we been up to?

UGX-Mods team is really, really busy. It is taking a long time to get everything done. But we decided we should do something new and refreshing.
We have been thinking a long time about this. But unfortunately the UGX chat is not frequently used anymore. For more features and popularity, we decided to switch to Discord until our site chat can offer the things discord can as well. UGX Chat will stay available!

You can join the UGX Discord by clicking on this link:

Hopefully we will see you there!
If you have any suggestions/improvements/bugs, feel free to let us know here!

On behalf of the UGX-Mods team,

xxWelcome to UGX-Mods in 2017 - Past, Present & Future

January 18, 2017, 01:53:40 pm by treminaor
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Hello everyone, and happy 2017 :) Hope you are having a great new year thusfar. It's been a while since we've checked in to see how we're all doing. Yes, we're still alive and paying attention ;) Also, a warm welcome to anyone who's new around here and hasn't been with us for very long! If you'd like to learn more about the history of UGX-Mods you can read about it below.

How are we doing? What's planned?
I'd like to get an idea of how UGX-Mods is doing... how well are we serving our purpose for you?

What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? What can we improve? Add? Change? Go ahead and reply to this topic with your thoughts!

We want to continue adapting to serve the ever-changing community that lives here and we can't do that if we don't stay in touch with you - the community <3

You might ask "what is UGX-Mods planning for 2017?" - great question. We want to finish the following projects:
  • Release a redesigned and improved version of our forum design (Project UGXSMF, currently in beta for donators)
  • Release a public version of UGX Launcher which supports WaW, BO3, and potentially other games as well, to rival Steam Workshop.
  • Release a beta version of UGX Play, an online service for the UGX Launcher which can be used via a web browser like Steam
  • Release some kind of simplifed and more usable online UGX Chat, or replace/remove it altogether.
  • Increase the amount of servers we use to better handle the load of all of our users and services.
This is obviously a lot of work. Most of it also relies on the free time of our main developer Alexander 'Delta' Diller, who has a lot on his plate already. If you or anyone you know have lot of C++ or web development/server experClick here to continue reading...

xxUGX Christmas Remastered

December 24, 2016, 02:57:55 pm by HitmanVere
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Note: Map is meant to be played with UGX Mod BO3. We highly suggest installing/loading it first before playing, thank you! Link can be found here:,13781.0.html

UGX Christmas Remastered is a map originally made in 2011 and was brought into Black Ops 3 with twice the playable area's size and more stuff to do than in original, very basic map!


- Small Pack-A-Punch Easter Egg Quest
- Buyable Ending
- Small modifications to stock setup, like Dark Matter-Pack-A-Punch camo, new round/Game Over sounds and new starting weapon

Download link:

- HitmanVere: Mapping more areas, adding features and handling release
- treminaor/W1NG3D: Original mapping/layout
- JBird632: Help on converting to Black Ops 3

Extra Credits:
- Ardivee: Soundalias help

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