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xxUGX Christmas Remastered

December 24, 2016, 02:57:55 pm by HitmanVere
Views: 4275 | Comments: 4

Note: Map is meant to be played with UGX Mod BO3. We highly suggest installing/loading it first before playing, thank you! Link can be found here:,13781.0.html

UGX Christmas Remastered is a map originally made in 2011 and was brought into Black Ops 3 with twice the playable area's size and more stuff to do than in original, very basic map!


- Small Pack-A-Punch Easter Egg Quest
- Buyable Ending
- Small modifications to stock setup, like Dark Matter-Pack-A-Punch camo, new round/Game Over sounds and new starting weapon

Download link:

- HitmanVere: Mapping more areas, adding features and handling release
- treminaor/W1NG3D: Original mapping/layout
- JBird632: Help on converting to Black Ops 3

Extra Credits:
- Ardivee: Soundalias help

xxNew UGX-Mods Releases | Happy Halloween

October 31, 2016, 03:07:38 pm by Delta
Views: 9472 | Comments: 0

Happy Halloween guys,

We were very busy and would like to announce the following releases:
UGX Mod BO3 v0.1.1 alpha
Release Topic:,13781
First release of the UGX Mod for Black Ops 3
UGX Azrael:
Release Topic:,13783
First map for Black Ops 3 by UGX-Mods
Announcement Topic:,13784
Beta Access to the new Forum Theme
(currently only for Donors <3, everyone else will get a limited preview)

xxInterested in moderating?

October 27, 2016, 05:48:16 am by Lukkie1998
Views: 14465 | Comments: 6

Hi guys,

Since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mod Tools (BETA) and new exciting UGX-Mods releases we have noticed that our
site traffic has gone up a lot. This means that there will be more new members and thus more posts which need checking and of course moderating!

Therefore we are looking for someone who is willing to spend his/her personal time, is loyal, is active and is willing to gain some moderating experience here at UGX-Mods!

Do you feel like we are talking to you? Then continue reading below!

Here is a small description of what your tasks will consist out if we take you in :)

UGX-Mods Chat ModeratorUGX-Mods Site Moderator
  • Upholds the general rules inside our chat room
  • Punish members who do not stick to the rules
  • Keep communicating with the other chat moderators over Skype
  • Uphold the general rules over every UGX related program
  • Make sure no topics derail and take action if otherwise
  • Keep good communication with the other site moderators over Skype
  • Can perfectly work in a team

Are you interested? Awesome!
Please apply through our Customer Service (Jira Service Desk) by creating an account there and raising a "Job application" request.
We will discuss your application with our whole team and respond with our final decision.

Go to our Customer Service!

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below!

On behalf of the whole UGX-Mods team, have a nice day!


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